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Welcome to Dymatron Inc.

Dymatron was founded in 1973 to conduct research and development on marketable products using the results of scientific investigation. Since its founding, Dymatron has developed mechanical and arc plasma processes for the manufacture of fine silicon carbide, turbostratic boron nitride, tantalum nitride, andother materials.

Dynamic Milling ChamberDymatron's most notable development to-date is the Flameless Ration Heater (FRH) used by the military to heat retort pouch entrees provided in the Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) rations. The FRH's found their first wide-spread use in the Desert Storm Conflict. MRE's and FRH's are also used in the present Iraq conflict and in the Katrina hurricane relief effort. Zestotherm Inc. was an outgrowth of Dymatron in 1984. Zestotherm and its subsidiary—Heater Meals Inc. were acquired in 1992 to become Innovative Technologies Inc., to supply FRH's for both military rations and Heater Meals for the retail market. Presently, Dymatron Inc. restricts its business to the manufacture of Megapact and Megamill-5 High Energy Vibratory ball mills and Corrodalloy-5 powder useful for many applications such as solid shapes, heating devices, and marine release devices.

Please look around to see what's happening at Dymatron. If you have any inquiries, questions, or comments, feel free to contact us!

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