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Supercorroding Alloys

A New Technology
A family of supercorroding magnesium-iron alloys have been developed by Dymatron, Inc. The alloys react spontaneously and at a controlled rate with saline water to produce heat and hydrogen gas.

The original research, directed to the development of a self-contained heat source for Navy divers, has resulted in the new technology of "supercorroding alloys", so named because of their high corrosion rates. Dymatron's investigations revealed that the reaction is vigorous enough that the alloys can be used for applications such as the generation of Hydrogen for buoyancy applications, and the development of corroding links to retrieve oceanographic equipment.

Procuring Equipment and know-how to manufacture Corrodalloy alloy is available from Dymatron.

Select this link to view some properties of Corrodalloy-5,.

The many applications for corrodalloy alloys include:

  • Flameless, safe, non-toxic source of heat for heating retort pouched foods or for
    thawing out frozen pipes, fuel lines, or instruments
  • Oceanographic and fresh water timed release devices (seconds to months) for releasing
    weights,actuating instruments, and activating timed mechanical failure
  • Back-up for oceanographic acoustic release mechanisms
  • Releasing of transmitters attached to marine animals
  • Releasing of buoys for locating submerged equipment
  • Scuttling plugs
  • Remote sources of hydrogen for fuel cells,catalytic heaters, and for salvage operations.

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